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Rebecca Fox
Rebecca Fox
Rebecca Fox is a graphic novelist and podcaster whose work explores how to communicate with people we disagree with, and how to engage critically but engagingly with pseudoscience.

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Four panel illustration headed "Old me"

Panel 1. Two women sitting at a table sharing drinks. Woman 1. says "astrology" woman 2 holds up her finger as if to say "one moment".

Panel 2. woman two is in a bathroom googling "why is astrology bullshit?"

Panel 3. woman two is building a man out of straws while woman one looks away exasperated. She has finished her drink.

Panel 4. woman 2 is continuing her construction saying "and another thing" then notices woman 1 has left. Woman 2 says "oh".
Four panel illustration headed "New me"

Panel 1. The same two women as the first illustration sit at a table when woman 1 says "astrology".

Panel 2. Woman 2 pauses and takes a drink, she thinks to herself about barnum statements and confirmation bias and testing vagueness. She thinks about pseudoscience and falsifiability and woo.

Panel 3. Woman 2 asks woman 1 "what does astrology mean to you?"

Panel 4. reads First, find out what they actually believe (then google it)

Image is attribute to The Seeker and The Skeptic Podcast, Rebecca Fox.
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