Ipso Factoid: How much of our brains do we use to read The Daily Mail?


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Do they fail to see the irony? This week The Daily Mail reported on a new book that dispels a number of health myths (the book is called “Don’t Swallow Your Gum: and Other Medical Myths Debunked”).  They open with: “Every day you hear or read things about your body and health that are simply not true.  In many cases they’ve been scientifically discredited, yet these medical myths endure.”  They point out classic myths such as the one that claims we only use 10 per cent of our brains (although if this were true it may help explain why The Daily Mail is still around…), or the misconception that the flu jab can cause the flu.

The Mail seems rather bemused at the level of belief in these medical myths: as if they are not quite sure why it would be that people would believe such nonsense.  Naturally, they would never be so foolish as to make any such claims that the flu jab causes the flu it is designed to prevent, although they did get pretty close just last month.

Whilst I am all for The Mail helping to dispel these sorts of things, and if they really are so clueless as to why people believe such myths, perhaps they should start by taking a good look through their own archives.  A good place to start would be here, although a book debunking all of the rubbish The Mail has given us could make “War and Peace” look like a light read.

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