Why Statues Weep: The Best of the Skeptic

We are in the final stages of producing a “Best of the Skeptic” volume by the title of “Why Statues Weep”. The Skeptic magazine is the UK’s longest running publication devoted to examining science, secularism, psychology, critical thinking and claims of the paranormal. This collection covers a wide range of topics such as popular myths, UFOs, psychic fraudsters, claims of psychic healing and alien abduction, near-death experiences, false memories, and much, much more. The book includes contributions from Susan Blackmore, John Diamond, Edzard Ernst, Ray Hyman, Richard Wiseman, and many other leading sceptical commentators, as well as interviews with Stephen Fry, Paul Daniels, and Joe Nickell.

Advance orders are now be taken for delivery for Xmas 2009 at the special price of £9.99 within the UK and £11.99 elsewhere  (post free in both instances). The RRP for the book will be £11.99. Register with no commitment by calling 020 7841 1959 or by emailing

Wendy M Grossman, Chris French & Simon Hoggart (eds.). (2009). Why Statues Weep: The Best of the Skeptic. London: Philosophy Press.

The perfect Xmas present?

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