Death and the microtubules: experiences from the BBC’s ‘The Day I Died’

From the archives, Dr Susan Blackmore shows that even experienced interviewees on near death experiences can still be hoodwinked.

The mosaic of memory: how we constantly rewrite our memories of our past

From the archives, Chris French considers the nature of memory.

From medicine to miracle – the remarkable healing of Dr Mary Self

From the archive, Peter May questions the remarkable healing of Dr Mary Self.

Ability to detect unseen staring

Published in The Skeptic, Volume 16, Issue 3 (2003) David Marks concludes a three-part critical review of parapsychology, with this article focusing on some claims by Rupert Sheldrake.

Inspirational, motivational business speakers: coming soon to an office near you…

From the archives, Martin Parkinson predicting the rise of pseudo-inspirational business speakers like Tony Robbins

Distinguishable from intelligence? Don’t mistake technology with superiority

From the archives, Wendy Grossman disputes Michael Shermer's claim that we are obviously more intelligent than our ancestors

Rhyme and Reason: a Rael expert takes a look at the Raelian movement

From the archives, former editor Steve Donnelly takes a look at the Raelian movement's claims about human cloning, on BBC's Today programme

Philosopher’s corner: where a false claim becomes a nonsense claim

From the archives, philosopher Julian Baggini grapples with the distinction between claims that are true, false or nonsense.

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