Alternative Medicine

The Nightingale Collaboration

Alan Henness outlines a recent initiative designed to help sceptics challenge unfounded medical claims.

Therapeutic Touch: another health scam from America

From the archives, Mahlon W Wagner calls on the nursing profession to distance itself from New Age mysticism and anti-scientific philosophies

The First Quackbusters? The early battles between quacks and skeptics

From the archives, Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst reflect on the early history of the continuing battle between quacks and sceptics

Sceptical suicide attempt, nationwide: Updated

At 10:23am on Saturday 30th January, over 300 individuals from branches of Skeptics in the Pub will simultaneously consume an overdose of commercially available homeopathic...

Foals for Goals: Horse placenta the new magic sponge?

As an avid football fan and someone who has sustained their fair share of injuries, I have often been jealous of professional footballers who...

Homeopathy from the NHS?

Should homeopathy be included on the NHS? Most of us would say no, simply because we do not believe the evidence supports the basis...

An Open Letter To Alliance Boots

Merseyside Skeptics have recently posted the following open letter to Alliance Boots on their website. This is a campaign we should all support.

Beware the spinal trap

Some practitioners claim it is a cure-all, but the research suggests chiropractic therapy has mixed results – and can even be lethal, says Simon Singh.

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