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Nigel Watson has researched and investigated historical and contemporary reports of UFO sightings since the 1970s. He has written numerous articles for Fortean Times, Magonia, Flying Saucer Review and UFO Magazine. He is the author of 'UFOs of the First War,' (History Press), 'the UFO Investigations Manual' (Haynes), and 'Captured by Aliens? A History and Analysis of American Abduction Claims' (McFarland).

Eye-catching claims about UFOs emitting dangerous radiation take the UK media for a ride

Media reports breathlessly repeated baseless claims about patients being hit by "highly powered microwaves" from UFOS, based on extremely questionable sources.

The much-hyped UAP report’s lack of substance will do little to deter avid UFO believers

UFO believers eagerly awaited the US government's report into UAPs - the fact that the report offers nothing concrete won't bother them

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