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Matt Kemp is an illustrator and graphic facilitator, and a lead visualiser at Scriberia Ltd. A life-long science fanatic, he has been fortunate to work with top universities, professional bodies, learned societies and bioscience firms, using drawings to tell the stories and illustrate concepts across a range of fields.

Coming to terms: the words believers, skeptics and the general public use differently

Sometimes it feels like skeptics are speaking a different language to everyone else - here's our guide to the times what we mean differs from what people hear

How to spot medical misinformation in a pandemic: our top 10 tips

As medical misinformation and dubious claims continue to spread, we present our guide to help you separate fact from fiction.

How to start having better arguments, according to the evidence

What does the evidence tell us about how to engage with people we disagree with? Mark Horne and artist Matt Kemp find out.

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