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Janyce Boynton is an artist, educator, and advocate for evidence-based practices in the field of communication sciences and disorders. As a speech/language clinician in the early 1990s, she became involved with facilitated communication - her story was featured on Frontline's “Prisoners of Silence”. She left teaching to pursue her artwork but has continued to be active in educating people about the dangers of FC and other facilitator-influenced techniques. To date, she is one of the few facilitators world-wide to publicly acknowledge her role in producing FC messages and speak out against its use.

Behind the slick production values of “The Reason I Jump”, lies Facilitated Communication

The documentary "The Reason I Jump" claims to offer insight into the inner lives of autistic people, but it is based on a pseudoscientific communication technique

Rapid Prompting Method: A new form of communicating? Hardly

Despite the extraordinary claims, messages derived via Rapid Prompting Method come not from non-speaking people, but from their facilitators.

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