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Fernando Cervera Rodríguez has an MSc in Molecular Approaches in Health Sciences. He co-invented a fake pseudoscience based on the therapeutic power of poo and magnets, to demonstrate how easily the world of health pseudoscience can be misled - a hoax that went unchallenged by alternative therapists for years. He is a founding member of the Association to Protect the Sick from Pseudoscientific Therapies.

Fecomagnetism: how Spanish alternative therapists promoted our hoax faeces-based cure-all

Two bored Spanish students invented a hoax therapy to demonstrate how misleading alt-med could be... then therapists asked if they could sell it.

Our manifesto against pseudoscience in health challenges alt-med at a global level

Pseudoscience is a global phenomenon - if we want to protect the public in our individual countries, it will take global action.

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