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Alfie Hoar is a student at Pembroke College, Oxford University reading Physics and Philosophy. He has written multiple articles on modern climate change denial in the UK, published in the Independent and the Ecologist. He’s coordinated multiple campaigns on climate policy, including calling for denialist groups in the UK to have charitable status removed.

Climate change deniers are using COVID-19 as a cover for questioning scientific integrity

When calls for greater scrutiny of scientific integrity come from climate change deniers and lockdown 'sceptics', we would be right to be wary of their intentions

Professor Christopher Essex: denialism meets philosophy of science

Professor Christopher Essex, chair of a climate change denial charity, argues we shouldn't trust science, but presents a deeply unworkable alternative.

The climate change deniers spreading misinformation… with charitable status

Seventy four climate scientists signed an open letter calling for a climate change denial charity to lose its charitable status - so why doesn't the Charity Commission act?

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