Plagues and plots: throughout history, epidemics and conspiracy theories have gone hand-in-hand

From the anti-Semitic Flagellants of the Black Death to modern day 5G-hating COVID deniers, epidemics have always driven conspiracy theories.

Ghosts, curses and werewolves: archaeologists see human belief up close

Dealing with human remains teaches us we don't have to share somebody's belief to respect them - as long as those beliefs aren't causing harm

The witch’s itch: possible explanations for the symptoms of the Salem ‘victims’

While much has been written about those accused of witchcraft in Salem, a modern understanding of psychology can shed light on the reports of their alleged 'victims'

By invoking ‘Spirit of the Blitz’ nostalgia, we do a disservice to what was achieved on the home front

Rose-tinted references to the 'Spirit of the Blitz' miss the real story of deep inequality, and of progress built through campaigning and protesting

Behind the Bastards, with Robert Evans: an infectiously enthusiastic dive into the darkness

Behind the Bastards is an irreverent and upbeat dive into often extremely dark subject matter, delivered with infectious enthusiasm.

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