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Sarah Hearne is a PhD student studying marine ecology with a focus on niche separation in living and fossil fishes from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. She is a feminist with a particular interest in the issues facing women in STEM.

A visit to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, the UK’s explicitly creationist tourist attraction

After decades of criticism for its creationist messages, how has Noah's Ark Zoo Farm changed? Sarah Hearne paid the zoo a visit, to find out.

Birdfeeders are very popular, but are they what’s best for our feathered friends?

A new study suggests that if we want to support a diverse population of bird species, we should focus less on feeders and more on wildlife gardening

Attempts to “bring back” the woolly mammoth distract us from vital conservationist goals

Eye-catching efforts to recreate the woolly mammoth may grab the headlines, but if we really want to atone for our ecological sins, we should look to protect species that are still here

ASMR: the emerging scientific quest to understand brain ‘tingles’

Science has only recently begun to explore ASMR - but the consistency of the reports from those who experience it suggest there's something worth understanding.

Are the claims for using coffee waste in the garden well grounded?

With a rise in suggestions for using coffee grounds in the garden, we take a look at the three most popular uses, to see what the evidence says

Rapa Nui: European myths mask the reason for societal collapse on Easter Island – colonialism

The belief that the islanders – and not Europeans – destroyed Rapa Nui minimises the devastating impacts of European colonialism.

iNaturalist’s flaws leave people with a false impression of the world around them

AI-based apps like iNaturalist are fun but flawed - they're no substitute for real interaction and engagement with nature

Netflix’s Seaspiracy, and how to spot misinformation in glossy documentaries

Seaspiracy is just the latest example of a documentary using style and glossy production to hide the fact that it's peddling misinformation

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