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David Mountain is a freelance writer based in Edinburgh. He is fascinated by history, science and all things sceptical. He is the author of Past Mistakes: How We Misinterpret History and Why It Matters (Icon, 2020).

The mystery of the Gedriya: Unexplained lights over the Arabian Desert

When a mysterious light appeared over the Hadhramaut desert, Bedouins agreed it must be the Gedriya - said to grant wishes during Ramadan

What links the Flatwoods Monster, the Kelly–Hopkinsville alien encounter, and Mothman?

The connection between three legendary paranormal sightings tells us a lot about why we see what isn't there... and miss what's really there

Are you smarter than an 800 year-old? Our ancestors were more skeptical than you think

As historians continue to deconstruct the myth of the Dark Ages, we shouldn't be so fast to write off the intelligence of our ancestors.

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