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Claire Klingenberg is the Chair of the European Council of Skeptical Organisations and co-organizer of the Czech Paranormal Challenge. Since 2013, she has spoken at multiple science and skepticism conferences, and has consulted on a range of projects where pseudoscientific belief meets science.

Beyond COVID-19: the issues skeptical activists across Europe are facing

COVID-19 is understandably getting all the headlines, but there are plenty more fronts in the pan-European battle against pseudoscience.

The development of the Skeptic Movement – Part 2

Claire Klingenberg continues her look back over the history of skepticism around the world, from the adoption of scientific principles in the 1930s to the movement we see today.

The development of the skeptic movement – part 1

Claire Klingenberg looks back over the history of skepticism around the world, tracing its roots from the oldest skeptical group to the first skeptical celebrity.

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