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simon singh

BCA drops case against Singh.

I'll keep this brief to avoid repeating the sources which have already published the news: the British Chiropractic Association today dropped its case against...

Sceptical suicide attempt, nationwide: Updated

At 10:23am on Saturday 30th January, over 300 individuals from branches of Skeptics in the Pub will simultaneously consume an overdose of commercially available homeopathic...

Singh to appeal in BCA case.

Here's the latest, very helpful, update in the BCA v Singh case. Read on for comments from Simon's high profile supporters too. http://www.quackometer.net/blog/2009/06/simon-singh-to-appeal-bogus-decision.html

BCA v Singh: appeal news.

As I suspect a great number of you will already know, the gathering in support of Simon Singh's legal defence went ahead in the...

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