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Science Tales: lies, hoaxes and scams – Darryl Cunningham

  Myriad Editions, ISBN 978-0-9567926-8-6 There are people for whom the term, "graphic novel", seems an over-inflated alternative to "comic book", and, given the non-fictional nature...

Sceptical suicide attempt, nationwide: Updated

At 10:23am on Saturday 30th January, over 300 individuals from branches of Skeptics in the Pub will simultaneously consume an overdose of commercially available homeopathic...

Homeopathy from the NHS?

Should homeopathy be included on the NHS? Most of us would say no, simply because we do not believe the evidence supports the basis...

An Open Letter To Alliance Boots

Merseyside Skeptics have recently posted the following open letter to Alliance Boots on their website. This is a campaign we should all support.

No Evidence Allowed: The Government on Pseudoscience & Homeopathy

As recently mentioned, the firing of Professor David Nutt has brought into focus politics' deep seated discomfort with scientific evidence. In a world where...

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