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alternative medicine

Science Tales: lies, hoaxes and scams – Darryl Cunningham

  Myriad Editions, ISBN 978-0-9567926-8-6 There are people for whom the term, "graphic novel", seems an over-inflated alternative to "comic book", and, given the non-fictional nature...

Singh to appeal in BCA case.

Here's the latest, very helpful, update in the BCA v Singh case. Read on for comments from Simon's high profile supporters too. http://www.quackometer.net/blog/2009/06/simon-singh-to-appeal-bogus-decision.html


Sexpelled: No Intercourse Allowed Ghostly pub's landlord is a non-believer >> Teach the controversy? >> Prince of Wales's guide to alternative medicine ‘inaccurate’ >> Gwyneth's new theory >> Suppliers bite back over...

Simon Singh and Alternative Medicine

Simon Singh comes out of the woodwork to give us a taster of his new book and other stuff... Newsletter 25 Eighteen Months of Silence 9 April,...

When Tigger lost his Boing

Male fish have foul Body Odour too >> Berlin Zoo director accused of selling animals for Chinese medicine >> Flat Earth News is a genuinely important book >> Thanks to...

Latest news

Conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers and alt-med quackery put our pets in harm’s way

Vet Danny Chambers highlights how the aggressive promotion of alternative therapies to prevent and treat animal diseases has become widespread.

Behind the Bastards, with Robert Evans

This twice-weekly podcast, running since 2018, looks at some of the worst people in history. As you might imagine from the title,...

‘Mask Mouth’: A real dental phenomenon, or merely a confection?

Dentist Shaun Sellars looks at recent reports of facemasks causing a new dental phenomenon known as 'mask mouth'.

The Ockham Awards 2020: recognising the best in skepticism, and the worst in pseudoscience

Nominations for the 2020 Ockham Awards are now open, with our annual award for Skeptical Activism and our Rusty Razor award for pseudoscience.

Don’t believe what you think!

What follows is a slightly modified and abbreviated version of the introduction to Professor Edzard Ernst's recently published book, Don't Believe What...
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