Skeptics in the Pub

Skeptics in the Pub (or Sceptics in the Pub, if you prefer) are groups which meet and converse in the UK and beyond, usually gathering once every month. The event was founded in London, UK by Dr Scott Campbell in 1999, for all those interested in science, history, psychology, philosophy, investigative journalism and how to examine extraordinary claims of all types. A speaker (or number of speakers) is invited each month to present a topic of interest, which is followed by a discussion in a relaxed and friendly pub atmosphere.

The SitP network was founded by Sid Rodrigues. A full list of the SitP chapter locations and websites can be found through the map below, or at Sid can be contacted at here or at pub [at] SitP can also be found on Twitter at and using the hashtag #sitp.

If you are aware of a SitP chapter which is not listed, or which is listed incorrectly below, please contact Mark Williams (digest [at]

UK Chapters

From the USA or international locations? You could try finding your local Drinking Skeptically. Cafe Scientifique also has chapters internationally, serving as fora for discussing and debating scientific issues. The international list of Skeptics in the Pub chapters is below.

International Chapters

The groups outside the UK are listed by city only. Please contact the individual chapter for further details of their current location.