Vitamin C – The Cure All

That vitamin C, when taken in high enough doses, can counter the effects of viruses, bacteria, radiation poisoning and most toxins.

Please note the words ‘high enough doses’ imply between 15 and 200 grams (not milligrams) per day. The way to calculate the dose is to increase it until the patient starts to get diarrhoea, and then decrease it slightly. One of the most important claims of the proponents is that studies that refute this do not use a high enough dose rate (usually not more than one or two grams a day).

Mike Young will present the evidence and contend that the potential benefits of Vitamin C are not being examined for sociological and economic reasons, and due to poor scientific thinking, rather than because of lack of evidence.

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Michael Young is a defence analyst working for the Centre for Operational Research and Defence Analysis (CORDA).

He has a keen interest in history and the theory of warfare. His work involves calculating defence needs, costs and effectiveness, and in building and playing wargames of potential future conflicts.

Michael is also interested in examining nutrition and health claims. Michael appeared as part of the on the TV series “How to build a human” where he talked about the practice of life-extension by calorie restriction.