The Science of Fooling Scientists: The History of Psychic Charlatanry in the Sciences

DJ GrotheExactly how do occultists fool scientists? DJ will perform his award-winning demonstrations of seeming “psychic abilities,” while showing how easy it is for even the most ardent scientific thinker to be duped. With a witty style that astonishes audiences with inconceivable results, DJ “shakes people’s understanding of reality,” while showing that deception is more pervasive in society than you may think.

Come watch him demonstrate and detail the case histories of the scams that have fooled even Nobel Prize winners. He’ll use your rational strengths to destabilize your skepticism.

Not you? Prepare to be surprised. You’ll see a performance you won’t soon forget, one that promotes critical thinking and the scientific outlook.

DJ Grothe, magician and mentalist from The Center for Inquiry. As a Program Director for the Center for Inquiry, DJ Grothe serves as director of the CFI-On Campus, a secular, pro-science alternative to organizations such as Campus Crusade for Christ and fringe-science and paranormal movements at colleges and universities. Mr. Grothe has travelled and lectured widely throughout North America, speaking on secular ethics, religious-political extremism, church-state separation, the paranormal and science advocacy. His writings have been published in newspapers throughout the United States, and he has spoken on numerous radio and television programs. He is currently finishing a book on the need for public argument in a secular democracy.

Before completing graduate studies in philosophy and intellectual history at Washington University at St. Louis, DJ worked as a corporate magical entertainer and public speaker for companies such as IBM, Southwestern Bell, Estee-Lauder and Ralston Purina.