Cretinism vs Evilution

Nikolai Segura

The weird and wonderful world of creationism – exposed by Nikolai Segura – physicist and resident expert on the creationists. Scare tactics, propaganda, misquotes, lies and spies – all this and much more as the tactics of leading creationists are explained in gory detail.

Gasp at the scientific inaccuracy – gawp at the epistemological naivety – go faint at the deception and twisting of the truth! Then feel the relief as you’re delivered a healthy dose of scientific rationalism, evidence and sanity. And don’t forget, if the presentation’s crap, you still get grub and booze.

Nikolai is a regular at Skeptics in the Pub – and an ardent anti-creationist. He studied physics at Imperial College London, before going on to sell his soul in return for a job in sales. As a skeptic, Nikolai doesn’t believe he has a soul, and therefore insists he got a bargain.

Nikolai has been researching creationist tactics and arguments for several years, and posts regularly on creationist and evolutionist forums on the web.