Creation and the 2nd Law-Exposing Misconceptions

Dr Matt MorganDr Matt Morgan

Creation supporters often bring up the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics to bolster their arguments against evolution. You know they are mistaken and you would like to refute them, but maybe it’s been a few years (or longer) since you took that thermodynamics class.

This talk defines the 2nd Law and applies it to creationist literature, showing precisely how their arguments are flawed. After hearing this talk, you will have the facts necessary to prevail against creationists any time they try to bring up the 2nd Law.

Matt moved to the UK six months ago from Colorado where he was a College Professor. He received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Montana State University in 1997.

He has been interested in skeptical issues for the last 20 years and has given this presentation at various skeptical gatherings, including The Amazing Meeting 2 in January 2004.

His hobbies include history, physical fitness, and computer games.