Science Blogging 2008: London

Nature Network, in collaboration with the Royal Institution, is pleased to announce its inaugural science blogging conference:

Science Blogging 2008: London

Science Blogging 2008 conference is a one-day conference which will be held on 30 August at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, 21 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4BS.

The science blogging community is growing rapidly and reaching larger audiences. At Science Blogging 2008, science bloggers from around the world will have the opportunity to meet and discuss the pressing issues in science, science communication, publishing and education. What can science bloggers do to maximise their impact? Can blogging contribute to scientific research and careers? How can blogs be used to help educate the public about science? What other emerging online tools will play a role in science? Readers and writers of science blogs, those who follow trends in online scientific communication and anyone else interested in learning more about science blogging will benefit from the discussions.

The complete conference programme has been posted on the Science Blogging 2008 group on Nature Network. A conference website is now available, and offers help with securing accommodations, transportation suggestions, and activities planned for the days before the conference. We have posted a list of the attendees, including links to Nature Network profiles and websites/blogs, to this site.

Looking forward to seeing you in London.


The Nature Network team

Registered attendees

Name City/Country Website/Blog
Bob O’Hara Helsinki Deep thoughts and silliness
Matt Brown London Editor’s Blog
Corie Lok Boston Editor’s Blog
GrrlScientist New York Living the Scientific Life
Mike Dunford Hawaii The Questionable Authority
Mo Costandi London Neurophilosophy
Ed Yong London Not Exactly Rocket Science
Henry Gee London End of the Pier Show
Maxine Clarke London Nautilus
Andrew Walkingshaw Cambridge, UK Brighten the Corners
Martin Fenner Germany Gobbledygook
Anna Kushnir Boston Lab Life
Cameron Neylon Oxford Science in the Open
Karen James London The Beagle Project Blog
Jean-Claude Bradley Philadelphia Useful Chemistry
Jennifer Rohn London Mind the Gap
Richard Grant Sydney The Scientist
Clare Dudman Clare Dudman
Attila Csordas Pimm – Partial immortalization
Peter Murray-Rust Cambridge, UK A Scientist and the Web
Li-Kim Lee London
Jo Scott London Joanna Scott’s blog
Jonathan Birch Bristol ECancerMedicalScience
Matt Wood Cambridge, UK Green is Good
Aleks Scholz St Andrews Riesenmachine
Alexander Griekspoor Cambridge, UK
Marc West Cambridge, UK Plus Magazine
Marianne Freiberger Cambridge, UK Plus Magazine
Erika Cule London
Massimo Pinto Rome Science in the Bel Paese
Jon Edwards Cambridge, UK Chemistry World Blog
Stephen Curry London
Jeff Marlow London Into the Blue
Neir Eshel London
Ben Goldacre London Bad Science
Rory MacNeil London Axiope Limited
Sarah Kemmit London British Library
Bronwen Dekker London Work Blog
Alain Dekker London
Julia Heathcote London Ethical Palaeontologist
Simon Hughes London British Library
Michelle Farran Australia Why Mice Sing
Lizzie Fellowes-Freeman Cambridge, UK
Enro France Enro, scientist and citizen
Brain Duck York, UK BrainDuck’s Weblog
Hauke Riesch Cambridge, UK Understanding Uncertainty
Brian Clegg Oxford, UK Popsci
Coracle London Science and Progress
Raf Aerts Belgium A(frican) Blog of Ecology
Austin Elliott Dr. Aust’s Spleen
David Colquhoun London DC’s Improbable Science
Stephanie Suhr Germany Inter-Research Science Center
Marco Boscolo Italy Formicablog
Prateek Buch London Consider, Evaluate, Act
Tom Hebbron Southampton
Heather Etchevers France Humans in Science
Rebecca Smith London Biochemical Society
Mike Barton Manchester Bioinformatics Zen
Andy Lewis The Quackometer
Sara Fletcher Didcot A Different Wavelength
Vaughan Bell London Mind Hacks
Ian Mulvany London Connotea: Latest News and Blog
Peter Tallack Devon The Science Factory
Graham Steel Glasgow JoVE Blog
Timo Hannay London
Elizabeth Slade London Journal of Medical Case Reports Blog
Barbara Kiser London International Institute for Environment and Development
Duncan Hull Manchester O’Really?
Tristram Wyatt Oxford
Bruce Taylor
Jonathan Black London
Ronald Krause Berlin Life and Science in Berlin
Sid Rodrigues London The Skeptic Magazine
Joanne Baker London
Kerri Smith London Nature Podcasts
Petra Dersch Germany
Daniel Cressey London The Great Beyond
David Bradley Cambridge, UK Sciencebase
Barbara Axt London Baxt
Paul Browne Cambridge, UK Speaking of Research
Viktor Poór Hungary Stripped Science
Anna Barnett London Climate Feedback
Joe Fitzsimons Oxford Quantized Thoughts
Hilary Spencer New York Nature Precedings
Egon Willighagen Netherlands chem-bla-ics
Victor Henning London Mendeley Blog
Frank Norman London MRC NIMR Library & Information Service
Oliver Obst Germany Medinfo
Martin Donnelly Edinburgh Digital Curation Blog
Emma Barrett Oxford Psychology and Crime News
Elizabeth Zubritsky Washington, DC American Chemical Society
Palmiro Poltronieri Italy knedliky
Asher Mullard London

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