James Randi discusses his childhood, jailbreaking, science, mortality and miracles.

If you already subscribe to The Skeptic you should receive the relaunch issue of the magazine very shortly. Inside the issue is an interview conducted with James Randi on Sunday 20th April 2008, the day after his first presentation to a British audience in over a decade.

Randi kindly allowed our small group into his Vauxhall hotel room, where we filmed the interview prior to his departure to visit the Magic Circle. He was a very gracious and accommodating host.

In the 52 minute interview, Randi discusses his Canadian education, walking out of an English Literature exam, truancy, magic and his 22 jailbreaks, Uri Geller, Project Alpha and fooling scientists, exposing Peter Popoff and miracle healing, thinking critically and independently, mortality, heart bypass surgery and medical science.

The resulting film has now been released to accompany the print version of the interview. It forms part of the Media Archive but has been split into six parts, starting here (from http://youtube.com/theskepticmag).

Please comment, subscribe and circulate this as widely as possible. Most of all, enjoy.