In Today’s Papers…

David Green will be giving a presentation at Skeptics in the Pub on the 15th April and has sent a small taster to the Skeptics in the Pub Facebook group…

Hi all,

There are a couple of articles in today’s Observer which may be of interest to you if you’re thinking of coming to the talk. (Sorry if you received a similar message from me already, but I am having [Facebook] problems…)

On the impending repeal of the Fraudulent Mediums Act see:

This article gets the law generally(-ish) correct and it appears the journalist had help on this. The anonymous lawyer quoted at the end has got it about right: mediums charging for their services will now be treated like any other (dodgy) tradesperson.

On blasphemy, see:,,2271373,00.html .

The Wingrove case ended up with the European Court of Human Rights holding (astonishingly) that blashpemy was a legitmate exception to the right of free expression.

I will be discussing both these developments at the talk.

Give me a shout with any comments.

Best wishes,

David Allen Green