Anomalistic Psychology course notes

From Prof Chris French:

Hi All,

Mark Williams has recently added in a new link to our home page
(thanks, Mark!):

If you click on the link "Our course" on the left of the homepage, you
will be taken to a page that gives simple instructions on how to
navigate to the page on (Goldsmiths' 'virtual learning
environment') which provides details of my third year option on Anomalistic
. Use the "Full directions" instructions.
 You don't need a password, just log on as a guest. There you
will find full details of the course, including reading lists and
handouts that you may find useful if you have an interest in any of the
topics covered.

Most of the actual handouts will need updating over the summer (another
job on my "to do" list!) but the basic content will remain essentially

Note to Internet Explorer users: If you attempt to download handouts,
etc, Explorer (as a secirity measure) will block the dowload until you
approve it. Click on the yellow bar near the top of the screen to
proceed with download).

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