An Honest Liar

The following is from Merrill Sterritt of Film Presence:

For the past two years Tyler Measom and Justin Weinstein have been filming James “The Amazing” Randi for a feature-length documentary entitled An Honest Liar. The film will tell the story of Randi’s colorful life and explore the dangers of magical thinking and deception. An Honest Liar will also reveal the unfolding drama of Randi’s involvement in a very personal deception of his own. In hopes of completing the film within the year, the filmmakers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. We are kindly asking for your support.

With your assistance we will be able to reach a wide audience about the film and fundraising campaign.

Here is a link to our Kickstarter campaign with some more info about the film and a trailer:

The Kickstarter campaign will end on February 15 (30 days from now) so we hope you will consider supporting the film, financially or just by spreading the word:
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We’re very excited to be producing An Honest Liar and educating the public about Randi and his mission of truth. The film includes such luminaries as Penn and Teller, Richard Dawkins, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Adam Savage, and in addition to Randi’s life will explore skepticism, illusion, and how easily human perception is fooled. The importance of science and reason will be shown in contrast to superstitious beliefs and harmful deceptions, all framed through the life and legend of “The Amazing Randi.”