10:23 London & CFI UK events today (#ten23)

We are hoping to broadcast the 10:23 campaign event from London live, below. The stream will be somewhat experimental so please bear with us if it all goes horribly wrong and doesn’t start or fails part way. A video of the London event should be made available afterwards in any case.

UPDATE: 1:12pm: Andy Lewis wrapping up and taking questions.

UPDATE: 12:37pm: Andy Lewis on stage. Live streaming audio. Apologies for the slight distortion, it’s not possible to rectify while Andy is talking.

UPDATE: 11.48am: Singh continuing to fight libel case because:
“I think I am right.
It is important (child health)
It is doubly impoitant (free speech).
I might win?!”

Also thankful for the support shown.
UPDATE: 11:43am: When the BCA filed suit against Singh, the Guardian was also apparently being sued by Matthias Rath, Tesco & Elton John. Guardian also apparently still £175,000 out-of-pocket from Rath case, despite Goldacre winning.

UPDATE: 11:32am: Discussing chiropractic, and Daniel Palmer.

UPDATE: 11.29am: Singh talking about a systematic review of acupuncture.

UPDATE: 11:27am: Placebos in acupuncture – needles in wrong locations, needles not inserted deeply enough, even retracting needles which deceptively appear to penetrate the skin.

UPDATE: 11:23am: Singh moving on to James Lind’s clinical trials on scurvy and controlled testing.

UPDATE: 11:18am: Simon Singh currently on stage talking about acupuncture and its representation in the media.

UPDATE: 10:54am: We have permission to stream Andy Lewis’ talk. Currently it looks to be audio only but I’ll try to find a way to stream video too. Andy is scheduled to talk at 12pm. The stream will be below.

UPDATE: 10:44am: Unfortunately we couldn’t find a stable internet connection through which we could stream the 10:23 event, though the event itself went smoothly (excepting a lone protest from a black car sporting large flags and loud music).

A lot of people were filming the event, so expect clips to hit YouTube soon. There were also a couple of broadcast cameras present – anyone who knows where that footage will air, please leave a comment.

We are instead hoping to potentially stream talks from CFI UK’s alternative medicine event today, again below. Announcements will be made here and via our Twitter account if we can gain the appropriate permission.

This article will be posted online automatically at 9:45am on Saturday 30th while we are trying to engineer the feed. If successful, the video will go live at 10:23am when the event starts. If not, here’s a low-quality copy of a lecture given by Prof. Chris French on the myths and methodology of the placebo effect instead.

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