Other podcasts of interest

These shows broadly discuss scepticism, science, critical thinking, religion, and occasionally, very weird news. If you listen to, know of, or produce a podcast which should be listed here, please get in touch (digest [at] skeptic.org.uk).

In no particular order:

Little Atoms (science, psychology, philosophy, arts, film, politics)
The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe (scepticism, science)
The Big Cigarette (scepticism, common sense, weird news)
Skepticality (scepticism, atheism, critical thinking)
Skeptoid (critical thinking, pseudoscience)
The Skeptic Zone (science, reason)
The Conspiracy Skeptic (conspiracies)
White Noise Paranormal Radio (paranormal, scepticism)
Digital Bits Skeptic (weird news, general science, scepticism)
Point of Inquiry (science, philosophy, freethinking)
Science Weekly, The Guardian (general science)
Scientific American Podcasts (general science)
The Naked Scientists (general/popular science)
Brain Science Podcast (neuroscience)
Free Thought Radio (freethinking, reason)
American Humanist (humanism)
Young Australian Skeptics Podcast (freethinking, scepticism)
Righteous Indignation Podcast (scepticism, paranormal)
Roayl Society Podcast (general science)
Breaking Science, The Open University (general science)
Jodcast (astronomy)
Institude of Psychiatry podcasts (psychiatry)
Explore, University of Edinburgh (various, science, psychology, philosophy, politics)
Taylor & Francis Psychology Press podcast (psychology)
The Psychology Files (psychology)
The History of Psychology (psychology)
Dana Foundation podcasts (general science)
CiTR Radio Freethinkers (science, freethinking)
Psyconoclasm (general science, psychology, scepticism)

The Skeptic Magazine bears no responsibility for the content of these podcasts or for any content produced by third party organisations, unless explicitly stated. We may accept gratitude for content you think is good, however.