The Skeptic Magazine Awards 2011: Winners

At the beginning of December 2011, and for the first time ever, The Skeptic announced that it would be issuing awards for efforts in scepticism during 2011.

We ware exceptionally lucky to have the help of both QEDcon who hosted the event, and MC Richard Wiseman. We’re equally lucky to have had the help of our distinguished judges (see below).

But we’re also lucky to have had you, Skeptic readers and sceptics everwhere. We made announcements on the website and Twitter because we wanted your input about the candidates the judges should be considering: your response was better than we could have imagined.

The winners are:
The Pod Delusion.
Event/Outreach: Robin Ince. The award was presented by Paul Zenon.
Blog: Skepchick, accepted by Daniela Meli
Best Science video: Daniel Keogh and Luke Harris for ‘The Strange Powers of the Placebo Effect‘..
Best Skeptical Video:Tim Minchin’s Storm‘, accepted by Robin Ince on behalf of Tim Minchin, Tracy King and D C Turner.
Editor’s Choice: Mike Hutchinson

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