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Volume 26 Issue 2: Susan Blackmore

Buy Now SUSAN BLACKMORE consciousness, altered sates & freedom of speech THE WAR on ERROR Debunking for all NETWORK SCIENCE Direwolves, dragons, lions & maths A MYTHIC AGE Standards of proof reporting the supernatual in the Middle Ages THE OCKHAM AWARDS 2016 Plus all the regular features, reviews and columns from Chris French, Wendy Grossman, Michael Heap, Mark Duwe and Mark Williams

Volume 26 Issue 1: Jim Al-Khalili

Skeptic Vol 26 Issue 1 cover Buy Now JIM AL-KHALILI quantum mechanics, quantum biology & the history of science MORE MIRACLES the return of Peter Popoff BRAIN TRAINING evidence please? CORRELATION or CAUSATION? mozarella cheese & civil engineering REVISITING THE SECRET a psychological perspective on the self-help bestseller

Volume 25 Issue 4: The Monster of Lake Champlain

Magazine cover image issue 25:4 Buy Now the MONSTER of LAKE CHAMPLAIN A Nessie researcher investigates one of the USA's most enduring cryptozoological mysteries LADDERS, WEBS & DEATH as RECREATION Thoughts on the philosophical basis of death for entertainment WIND TURBINE 'SYNDROME' The unfamiliar trajectories of scientific uncertainty - what's wrong with asking bad questions? THE OCKHAM AWARDS 2015 Hosted at QED in Manchester CENTREFOLD The Chemistry of Ice-Cream Plus all the usual columns, puzzles, reviews and features.

Volume 25 Issue 3: Eugenie Scott

Language & Dictionaries Words are slippery customers and dictionaries are what do they really do The Skeptic Interview with Eugenie Scott The recently retired Executive Director of the USA's National Center for Science Education looks at the past and future of pseudo-science in the classroom Does Science Support Infant Circumcision? Revisiting the infant circumcision debate with a reply to Brian Morris from The Skeptic 24:4 Do You Remember? 'Sybil' & 'Eve' were famous and remarkable cases of 'multiple personality disorder' - but was it the psychiatrists who were deluded by 'recovered' memories? Centrefold Common Mythconceptions - the world's most contagious falsehoods Plus all the usual columns, puzzles, reviews and features.

As our subscribers will be aware, we are presently running behind our publication schedule and consequently, you will not have received any issues since Volume 22, Issue 3. We realise the delay is unacceptable and wish to extend our apologies to subscribers.

Volume 22 Issue 4 is a double-length issue and has therefore been published with Volume 23 Issue 1. The magazine is currently circulating from our American post room and subscribers should reveive their copies imminently. Those of you whose subscriptions expire at 22.4 will receive the double-issue. All other subscriptions remain unaffected: you will receive the number of issues appropriate for your subscription.

The most up-to-date information regarding forthcoming issues can always be found in the ‘Forthcoming Issue’ box, towards the bottom of the left column on the front page of our website ( If you have any queries regarding the publication schedule please contact digest [at]

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