Wellcome Library Tour Follow-Up


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Wellcome Library Tour Follow-Up

Hello, A few of you on the Wellcome behind-the-scenes tour showed some interest in a follow-up and references for your records. Ross MacFarlane has kindly sent...

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A few of you on the Wellcome behind-the-scenes tour showed some interest in a follow-up and references for your records.

Ross MacFarlane has kindly sent me the details of the books and other historic manuscripts he displayed on the tour, which can be requested through the Wellcome Library to members. We thank The Wellcome Trust for their time and effort in organising a great event for the TAM London Fringe.

Malleus Maleficarum
The most influential book in whipping up the European Witch Craze.

Discovery of Witchcraft
Arguments against supernatural belief, including section showing how healers performed ‘magical’ acts (akin to what Randi’s being doing for the last few decades).

Saducismus Triumphatus
Arguments in favour of the supernatural belief.

Numerous cases of surgical operations without pain in the mesmeric state
Reports on successful 19thC surgery, where the patients were unconscious through mesmerism.

Secret Remedies: what they cost and what they contain
BMA gives the details on some “quack” remedies. Like an Edwardian Ben Goldacre…

De la Warr Laboratories (PP/RRM/A.15)
Mysterious ‘Black Box’ which can cure by remote control…

Oh, and the details for:

Wellcome Images: http://images.wellcome.ac.uk
Wellcome Film: http://library.wellcome.ac.uk/wellcomefilm.htm
YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/WellcomeFilm

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