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Where did it all go wrong? We were so close, you and I, and I thought you could do no wrong. I used to hang on your every word. You opened my eyes to the world outside my window; a huge world filled with adventure and excitement. You made me believe that if we just tried hard enough the little guy could triumph. The truth would out, no matter what.

And then…? Then something changed. I want to say it was you. I want to believe that you lost sight of the big picture. I used to think it was always about doing the right thing, finding the cold hard facts even when the cold hard facts didn’t want to be found. You were there to give it to me as it was, no matter how tough. But you seemed to become more self obsessed, shallower, as time went on. You cared less about the truth, and more about the entertainment factor. Sure, I love to be entertained as much as anyone, but when was that all it was based on? You didn’t have time for a meaningful relationship any more.

No matter how many times you tell me you’re just giving me what I want, you don’t seem to get it. You hold a position of responsibility; a responsibility to tell the truth as it is, not as you perceive others want it to be. Do you have any comprehension of just how unimportant, how pointless, how meaningless some of the rubbish you come out with on a daily basis is? In all honestly, how do you sleep at night knowing you are actually responsible for the putrid noise pumped into society on a minute by minute basis?

But maybe you’ve always been like this. Maybe it’s just me that’s changed and I’m losing sight off what’s really important in life. Maybe “celebrity” gossip and poor science reporting is exactly what we need to carry us forward as a culture. I just….I just don’t think it’s working out any more. It’s not you, it’s me. Well, it’s actually mostly you. But we’ll keep in touch. Oh, we’ll keep in touch…

Evan and Paul both work as researchers in the science industry. Criticising the work of others gives meaning to their otherwise empty lives.

The aim of Ipso Factoid is to pull out just some of the inadequate science based articles in the mainstream media and highlight inaccurate reporting.  There will also be some grudging acknowledgements where the journalist has got it right.  Updates will occur on a weekly basis and all comments are welcome.

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