Singh’s withdrawn chiropractic article released.


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Simon Singh’s article published in The Guardian newspaper in April last year has been republished in an edited form in COSMOS magazine and, in an international campaign by Sense About Science, The Skeptic (in addition to many other organisations and blogs) is also making the article available online.

The article, which has been approved by Singh and his legal team, can be found here, while a little more information can be found on the front page of the website here.

Please feel free to circulate the article, respond with comments on the blog, and re-tweet the Twitter updates from @theskepticmag. Also, take a look at the monuments supporting the Sense About Science campaign in Second Life.

Edit: Pleased to see so many other blogs releasing the article simultaneously. I suspect this could become pretty big.

These are just some of the links to the article, I’m sure there are many which are not listed too (thanks also the New Humanist Blog for the hat tip):

(Sense About Science has a longer list here)
Post #162 here:
also the excellent website from Steven Novella and Harriet Hall
and DC Science, the website from David Colquhoun (who is also a member of The Skeptic’s Editorial Advisory Board, full details of which will be released shortly)
and always one to be unique:

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