Volume 21 Number 4, Winter 2008


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The Skeptic Vol 21, No 4 Winter 2008


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In Volume 21, Issue 4 (Winter 2008):


The Sceptical Medium: A course in Crossing Over
Jon Donnis recounts his experience at a meduimship training school

The messengers of Lily Dale: An analysis of modern spiritualist meduims
Benjamin Radford recounts his experience at a med
iumship retreat in the USA



SpriteSprite, by Donald Rooum, the ongoing saga of an ethereal being who has the misfortune to fall for a confirmed skeptic.
Cartoons by Tim Pearce
Pictures from Hilary Evans’ Paranormal Picture Gallery

Book reviews

Occult London; by Merlin Coverley
2012: The year of the Mayan prophecy; by Daniel Pinchbeck
The Paperback Apocalypse: how the Christian Church was left behind
; by Robert M Price
Counter-Knowledge: How we surrendered to conspiracy theories, quack medicine, bogus science and fake history; by Damian Thompson
Jinn from Hyperspace: And other scribblings – both serious and whimsical; by Martin Gardiner
Beyond the Hoax: Science, philosophy and culture; by Alan Sokal

News and comment

Chris French and Lindsay Kallis

Skeptical Stats
A column based on the observation that sometimes statistics don’t lie – they’re just plain crazy…
Mark Williams

Hits and Misses
Standing room only
Simon says
Frankenstein’s microchip
A shot in the dark

Mark Williams

Skeptic at large: Alcoholics Anonymous
Wendy M Grossman

Philosopher’s Corner
Julian Baggini

Through a Glass Darkly
Michael Heap

Letters from our readers
An Author’s Response; Nick Harding
The Definition of a Sceptic; Ian Mason
Whose Father is the Father; Rory Allen

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