Conference on Survival of Physical Death


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Vigo, 29 July 2005

Re: Second International Conference on Survival of Physical Death with Special Reference to Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC)

Dear Colleague,

We should be very grateful if you would place the appended Conference Programme on your website and/or publication. This is the Second International Conference on the subject of Survival and ITC that we have organized under the auspices of the ITC Journal. The First Conference held in April 2004 was a major success, with presentations from leading researchers in Europe, USA and Brazil.

The Conference is non-profit making and once again we are assembling an international team of presenters. We should be very grateful for your help in publicizing the event and the fact that full information can be found at:

With our thanks and best wishes,

Dr. Anabela Cardoso (Conference Organiser and President), Professor David
Fontana (Co-Organiser) and
Carlos Fernández (Technical Director).

(Posted by P McK)

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