Your Vote Counts: The Skeptic Magazine Ockham Awards 2016

Help us to make a difference, and to reward skepticism's most effective activists.

Thank you for all your votes for last year's Skeptic Magazine Ockham Awards, These awards are our way of highlighting the great work done by activists from our community, and the ceremony is hosted by the UK’s annual convention in Manchester - QEDcon, by Professor Richard Wiseman.

We want to help draw attention to, and thank, those people who work so hard in their free time to get a great message out there, and we want you to help us find skepticism’s best and most vigorous communicators.

A quick reminder: The Skeptic is the UK’s only regular magazine to take a skeptical look at pseudoscience and claims of the paranormal. Our mission is “pursuing truth through reason and evidence”. We distribute to an international audience and report on international news too.

If you don’t subscribe to the magazine but still want to vote – that’s fine! If this is your first time voting - that's fine too! Perhaps you go to Skeptics in the Pub regularly or Café Scientifique. Perhaps keep up with podcasts or blogs that have a bearing on the UK scene. We’d still love to hear from you. If you want to vote in only one category, that’s fine. We want these to be your awards.

We’re looking for nominees of/with the following -

1 Quality. As easy as that!

2 Success of outreach. This is judges both in terms of absolute numbers (did they get to a lot of people) and how ‘intrepid’ that outreach was (are they preaching to the choir or getting new people interested in skepticism?)

3 Relevance to the UK ‘scene’ and, therefore, the bulk of our readership. This doesn’t mean that the candidate has to be UK-based at all - last year’s winners included overseas and international short-listers - just that they should cover content that is relevant to our readership and be known in the UK.

Hurry - voting ends at 6pm GMT, Sunday 6th September.

Best Blog, Best Event/Campaign and Best Podcast

These categories are shortlisted with the help of your votes, and the winners chosen from the final five by our judges.


Best Blog

Last year’s winners for Best Blog was Hayley is a Ghost.

Previous winners have been

Vote for the best blog of 2015/6 here:


Best Podcast

Last year’s Podcast category winner was Godless Spellchecker

Past winners have been:

Vote for the best podcast of 2015/6  here:


Best Event/Campaign

Last year’s Event/Campaign winner was Stop the Saatchi Bill

Previous Winners in this category were:

Vote for a skeptical event or campaign that happened during 2015/6 here:


Thank you for your vote!

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