Eight Lessons and Carols for Godless People


Standing tickets available. Call 020 7388 8822 to book.

[ Try Another…Nine Lessons and Carols @ Hammersmith Apollo]

Another...Nine Lessons and Carols...

Another...Nine Lessons and Carols...

A Rational Celebration of Christmas
18th December, 2008 at The Bloomsbury theatre

Due to extraordinary demand, a second Godless Christmas show has been added.

So far the acts who are currently confirmed are Richard Dawkins, Josie Long, Richard Herring, Ben Goldacre, Natalie Haynes, Stewart Lee, Simon Singh, Jo Neary, Darren Hayman, Ricky Gervais, Colin Watson (aka Waen Shepherd), the Martin White mini fax machine orchestra, Tim Minchin, Peter Buckley Hill, Luke Haines and more TBC

Robin Ince will host the night.

It’s not just for agnostics and atheists, hopefully it will be a night celebrating the wonder of the universe so as long as you’re not a crazed fundamentalist you can enjoy it. If you are a crazed fundamentalist, then please come and hold a placard up outside and shout like a halfwit.

Bloomsbury Theatre
18th December
Doors 7pm/show7.30pm

All profits to The Mustard Seed School in Uganda, a secular school.

Produced in association with The Rationalist Association (publishers of New Humanist)

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25 Responses

  1. andy says:

    Yipppeee. Good news!

  2. robin ince says:

    The second 9 lessons and carols for Godless People show is confirmed for 18th December with almost exactly the same bill including Richard Dawkins, Stewart Lee, Ben Goldacre, Josie Long etc. Robyn Hitchcock is unable to do this date and Mark Thomas and Phill Jupitus are not as yet confirmed. Tickets available from Monday at http://www.thebloomsbury.com

  3. Digitalgoldfish says:

    Tickets now available..

  4. Tom Richards says:

    Just booked two tickets myself, via http://www.thebloomsbury.com/event/run/1248.

  5. Sid says:

    The direct booking link is now live. Have fun kids!

  6. Milt says:

    4 tickets nabbed. Hurrah.

  7. Carl says:

    Got 6! Now I am happy.

  8. Sid says:

    From Robin:


    After scratching around, 25 more tickets have been found for the 8 lessons and carols for godless people show at the Bloosmbury. They have just gone on sale now,


  9. Sam says:

    If anyone has a spare ticket../s for the 19th and would like to sell it please could they contact me via sammoon76@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks.

  10. Tom Richards says:

    The person I was going with has found out she has to be at another event that night, so I now have a spare ticket for the 18th – would anyone like it? £20 and it’s yours, though you won’t be able to take delivery until I collect it on the night. Email me: tom dot richards at Google’s email service.

  11. Joe Geraghty says:

    Hi, is this event going to be over 18s only

    because its highly unfair to think that to be an atheist/agnostic rationalist you have to be over 18, sounds like the best nigth ever and definatly want tickets

    any helpfulness to TOPASSASINXBL@hotmail.com

    (despite the email i am not a crazed fundamentalist)

  12. Sid says:


    All three events are open to anyone who has sprouted pubic hair- and those who have a condition where they can’t sprout pubes, like that guy out of Little Britain.

    Hope that allays your fears.

  13. Tracy King says:

    I have two spare tickets for this Thurs (18th), if anyone is interested email me at tracy at tracyking dot co dot uk.

    I don’t want two empty seats next to me!

  14. Digitalgoldfish says:

    Any idea what the running time will be for the event on Thursday? Thanks.

  15. Milton says:

    One spare ticket here. Let me know if you ate interested Guitarmilt (@) mac dot com

  16. Milton says:

    Many thanks Robin for a splendid evening. Entertaining and humorous in equal measure.
    Here’s to many more. Milton

  17. Digitalgoldfish says:

    Thanks Robin – That was truly one of my highlights of the year. Thought some of the acts were a bit redundent to the theme, but overall I think you captured the spirit beautifully, and it was a real geeky pleasure. I’d happily attend every night. Also very happy with my ‘godless’ t-shirt! :)

  18. Milton says:

    My thoughts exactly Digitalgoldfish (and no I couldn’t resist the T-shirt)
    Wasn’t Tim Minchin’s segment staggeringly good?

  19. Digitalgoldfish says:

    Absolutely. never seen him before, but my friends were sitting next to me poking me very hard at nearly every sentence. Just brilliantly captured what it is to be faced with stupidity on a daily basis, and fighting the desire to tell them they’re idiots. Very very well done!

  20. Milton says:

    Never saw him before either so was a wonderful introduction. Been youtubing him, an extremely talented pianist as well. I also thought Simon Singh was excellent. Looking forward to tonight!

  21. Tstar says:

    Here’s a Youtube link to Tim Minchin’s awesome performance of his beat poem

  22. can any venues in the west midlands, or the north west, be persuaded to put this on?

    i’m dying to see it!

  23. Sid says:

    I think Robin’s plan is to repeat the event at Edinburgh and then take it on a short UK tour this year. Hopefully it will do its rounds in the Midlands too.
    I think that it will be released as a DVD sometime soon too.