2007 Skepchick & Skepdude Calendars

Get these before they sell out. They’ll make a lovely Newtonmas gift!

2007 Skepchick & Skepdude Calendars

now available for preorder!


Two calendars, two dozen critical thinkers in various states of undress


Mr. James “The Amazing” Randi, of the James Randi Education Foundation

Dr. Michael Shermer, author of Why Darwin Matters

Dr. Phil Plait, “The Bad Astronomer”

Mr. George Hrab, singer/songwriter/skeptic

Prof. Richard Wiseman, co-star of Theater of Science

Miss Rebecca Watson, President of Skepchicks, Ltd.

Dr. Lynette Davidson, skeptical historian and writer

and many more!

We’re back with twice the sexy skeptics! Profits will fund new scholarships that will help people who have Big Ideas for communicating skepticism to the public (find out more here).

Buy a Skepchick or Skepdude calendar for $20 each, or buy both together for $35 (plus s&h). Preordering reserves your calendar(s) before they sell out and ensures you get your merchandise by Christmas, so get going! All preorders will ship no later than November 15, 2006.

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