The Skeptic Vol 23.2

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Nelson Jones on the religious exhibition at The British Museum
Dean Burnett on a homeopathic cure for homosexuality
Hayley Stevens on paranormal conferences and impartiality
Sam Harris interviewed by Deborah Hyde
Chris French remembers Hilary Evans of the Mary Evans Picture Library
Lynette Nusbacher on narrative and social constructionism
Kylie Sturgess and Tessa Kendall on sceptical activism and the abortion debate
Chris French interviews Jon Ronson
Crispian Jago with an Alternative Medicine flowchart.


Editorial; Deborah Hyde
Hits and Misses; Mark Williams on prison sentences for miscarriage, prayer technology for nuns, breed specific legislation in Germany, spontaneous human combustion in Ireland, and why we should not dismiss psychic claims without evidence.
Skeptical Stats; Mark Williams with the observation that sometimes statistics don’t lie - they’re just plain crazy
Skeptic at Large; Wendy Grossman on futurists Ray Kurzweil, Aubrey de Grey and Susan Jacoby
Philosopher's Corner; Julian Baggini on high and low redefinition
Reasonable Doubt; Chris French on ten years of editing The Skeptic
Through a Looking Glass Darkly; Mike Heap on econimics in plain language
Cover art from Neil Davies, Crispian Jago and Chris Fix


Sprite, by Donald Rooum, the ongoing saga of an ethereal being who has the misfortune to fall for a confirmed skeptic.
Cartoons by Tim Pearce and Andrew Endersby
Pictures from Hilary Evans’ Paranormal Picture Gallery
Bible Stories illustrated by Barbara Griffiths


Bosnian Pyramids: The Biggest Hoax In History?; reviewed by Mark Newbrook
Donald Rooum's Wildcat Keeps Going; reviewed by Deborah Hyde
Ghost-Hunting Toolkit app; reviewed by Hayley Stevens


Tim Turner on Mahlon W Wagner's essay on Therapeutic Touch
Max Hammerton on race differences in cognitive ability
Mark Williams replies to Max Hammerton

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