Volume 20 Number 1, Spring 2007

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From Psychic to Sceptic

James Byrne in retrospect on being a psychic

The Great Masturbation Delusion
A bout of moral alarm in the educated? Hilary Evans considers another example where the scientific evidence is absent

Making up History
Steuart Campbell questions how we are to know historical fact from fiction
when delivered to us in novels

Darwin Died an Agnostic
Donald Rooum investigates the claim by one of the world’s most distinguished philosophers that Darwin experienced a deathbed conversion

The Skeptic Vol 20 Summer 2007

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The Evolution Controversy
Nell Barrie reflects upon the controversy that just will not go away…

An Open Letter to the Public about Young Earth Creationism
Julian W. Kirchherr, a German exchange student in the USA, battles the ideology of Young Earth Creationism

Do 17 percent of people in Britain really believe in “intelligent design”?
Adam Buick is doubtful that Britons had a fair chance to respond to the BBC’s questions on the origins of life

The Skeptic Vol 20 Autumn 2007

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Psychics on eBay
Emma-Louise Rhodes purchases tarot readings, all in the name of journalism

Haunting the Bereaved
Mark Williams reflects on the ‘psychic’ offerings of Colin Fry as presented in his TV show, 6ixth Sense

R. E. Ality Check: An Alternative Approach to Religious Education Damien Morris shows us one way to encourage enthusiasm and critical thought in classrooms

Volume 20 Number 4, Winter 2007Buy NowFeatures

Exposing the Myth of Alcoholics Anonymous. Part 1: History and (Lack of ) Effectiveness

Steven Mohr begins his two-part investigation by examining the origins of the movement and evidence that the famous 12-step programme simply does not work

Believe it or Not
Sally Marlow interviews Mark Vernon about life, the universe and everything – but mainly agnosticism

Inside a Camphill Community
Matthew Provonsha reports on his disillusionment with life in a religious commune

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