Volume 19 Number 1, Spring 2006Buy NowFeatures

Second Sight? Or Just the Blind Leading the Blind?
Krissy Wilson reviews the not-so-amazing performance of psychic Sharon Neill

Just Your Imagination? Part 1: Acting

Martin Parkinson looks at some of the things he learned in drama class…

The Mystery of Hellfire Pass: Part Three

Paul Chambers and Robert Bartholomew round off their investigation into the ‘Phantom Sniper of Esher’

Natural Science and the Spirit World: Part One

The following is the first of two instalments of an article taken from Freiedrich Engels’ Dialectics of Nature…

Volume 19 Number 2, Summer 2006Buy NowFeatures

Natural Science and the Spirit World: Part 2

The second instalment of an article taken from Friedrich Engels’ Dialectics of Nature.

Just Your Imagination? Part 2: Feel The Force

Barefoot sceptic Martin Parkinson ‘fesses up and counts his new age brownie points.


Why is cognitive dissonance important in understanding pseudoscience? Lee Traynor explains…

Mia Dolan on Granada's This Morning

Tony Youens and his gripe with “psychic” entertainment

Volume 19 Number 3, Autumn 2006Buy NowFeatures

'God's Truth', Others' Confusion?
L. J. Hurst considers the complex case of Hayward, Wells and Deeks

Is a Grey Heavier Than a Green?
Question and Answer: Stephen Moston takes a look at the relationship between asking a question and reaching a conclusion

Thomas Hobbes, Angels, Ghosts and Miracles
Adam Buick considers some of Hobbes’ neglected musings

Volume 19 Number 4, Winter 2006Buy NowFeatures

Just Who Wrote the Passion of Christ by Emmerich?

From tale to pen to paper to publication, Wolf Roder revisits the controversial Passion of Christ

What Colour is Four? The Perception of Synaesthesia in Art and Science
Marc Tibber traces the shifting position of an intriguing psychological phenomenon

Alexander the Oracle-Monger

Adam Buick takes us all the way back to the scandalous antics of Alexander and his snake-god, Glycon

A Physiological Reason why Superman Behaves like a Boy Scout
Superman is often accused of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, supporting his ‘boy-scout like’ naiveté. Robert Castro takes a satirical look at the physiology of Superman’s behaviour

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